Thursday, November 27, 2008

One of the reasons I’m glad I didn’t choose graphic design as my major is because I’m fickle minded and I’m my own worse critic. Plus its not exactly one of the hottest careers around you know. I’ve made a million versions (okay, 5) of the new Lovegeeks design. Zach tells me it’s awesome and promise it isn’t boyfriend duty but I’m just not happy with it. And so, I’m starting fresh all over again. I can totally imagine myself doing it to a client. It’d take 6 months to get one page done. Haha.

My mom stopped me because she told me, “One day, you’ll be old and the new generation will catch up with you. And eventually, you’re going to run out of creativity.” I don’t agree with my mom in a lot of matters. But this time, I couldn’t help thinking she’s right. I won’t say it’s the same for others. I only fiddle with photoshop when I’m in the mood and that rarely happens. And you know.. I am running out of creativity. It seems like everyone has done everything :) And they do it well. But I’m sure I’ll come up with something ;)

At this moment, I have no regrets about my decision as a Psychology major. I can still switch. Easily. Even easier since I’m transfering in August. But I love it.

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